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Intermix Interchange Swagelok Fittings- Your Safety Matters

Intermix/Interchange Swagelok Fittings- Your Safety Matters

Intermix/Interchange Swagelok Fittings- Your Safety Matters

We want to partner with you and that means we want the best for you, your organization, your safety and your success. You may hear from different sources about the safety and reliability of intermixing and interchanging components of different manufactures tube fittings. Because there is no industry-wide commercial design for tube fittings and the components that we, at Swagelok, manufacture, we do not recommend intermixing or interchanging parts.

Our position is that intermixing and interchanging parts is an unsafe business practice that may lead to unpredictable performance which could cause costly leaks, and leave you vulnerable to hazardous safety and environmental conditions. In being a true partner, our goal is to make sure you are well informed so you that may make the best decision when choosing the right tube fitting for your system. 

We ask you to consider several factors when contemplating this critical decision:

  • Each manufacturer follows its own internal design standard—also encompassing proprietary processes— thus, an intermixed/interchanged fitting is essentially a new design for which the user alone must assume complete responsibility.
  • Some manufacturers may “guarantee” an intermixed/ interchanged tube fitting, but they will claim no effective responsibility—it will be all but impossible to provide any meaningful remedy when poor performance occurs.
  • Intermixing/interchanging components from other manufacturers voids Swagelok’s limited lifetime warranty.

Below you will find an independent third party review regarding the intermixing and interchanging components from Swagelok tube fittings as well as three other industry leaders.

Intermixing Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings—Is it Safe?

Which can be found in Journal of Engineering Design, Vol. 10, No. 4  written by Musa Mihseiin & Mike D. Seymour

We are available to discuss your thoughts, concerns or best practices with you to help ensure safety and success. Here are a few helpful resources: