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Regulator Webinars

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Your Resource for Fluid System Expertise 

Our 2017 ENGINEERED TO PERFORM Webinar Series provides you with industry-leading experts to help you solve your day-to-day challenges. We strive to be a partner that walks along your journey with you. We truly understand the fluid system engineering field so we understand your challenges. We want to not only partner with you but see that you succeed. 

Regulator Behavior: Troubleshooting, Selection, and Use with Jon Kestner

This regulator discussion will center on common regulator behaviors while installed within typical applications. We will cover topics like creep, supplied pressure effect and Joule-Thomson in detail. Following the session, attendees should be able to recognize and troubleshoot these behaviors in the field as well as identify regulator selections that can minimize these effects.

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Pressure Regulator Performance: A discussion of Lock-up, Droop and Choked Flow with Jon Kestner

Understanding pressure regulator performance is critical to successfully designing, installing and operating an effective fluid system. This session will focus on the core aspects of pressure regulator performance: lock-up, droop and choked flow. In discussing these topics, we will also cover the operating theory of regulators in order to better understand what drives these key performance characteristics.

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Tech Tips

How Thorough Testing Ensures Reliable Regulator Performance

Have you ever wondered what testing goes into a product designed to operate in extreme conditions? Take a look behind the lab doors, following the development journey of RHPS Series industrial regulators rated for use at temperatures well below zero.