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Directional Flow Resource

Welcome to the Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

Directional Flow Webpage

Directional Flow

Keeping fluids separate and flowing properly is key in maintaining an efficient fluid system. Knowing how to properly select components ensures that flow remains uninterrupted by unscheduled maintenance and downtime. We created this resource to increase understanding on topics related to the selection and uses of check valves and quick connects. 

Where to Start

A recently recorded webinar has been made available for training purposes. This 30-minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers basic and advanced topics related to directional flow. We strongly suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick summary scroll down to the videos section to check out some tech tips.

Watch the Webinar

Helpful Tips & Services

valve selection

Industrial Valve Selection Method

Learn how to apply the practical STAMPED method to select the valves most suited to your industrial fluid or sampling system design applications.

Cv calculator

Cv Calculator

Use Swagelok's Cv Calculator to assist in determining the Cv or flow of your system. It can be used for gas or liquid systems.

valve resource

Considerations for Valve & Regulator Selection

The flow through valves and regulators can be calculated using tools available from Swagelok, leading to a more accurate representation of your system requirements. Revisit one of our past webinars to learn more about proper selection.


Custom Fabrication & Assembly

Our local team of certified technicians can build standard solutions and create custom configurations to suit your system. 

Swagelok Product Lines

Swagelok's Offerings

A quick look at Swagelok's fluid system solutions and services. 

tech specialist

Technical Support

Let us know when you would like to meet with one of our specialists. 

Training Videos

webinar recording

Webinar Recording

Recorded March 18, 2021, this webinar sees our experts dive into directional flow in relation to check valves and quick connects. 

check valve basics

Check Valve Basics

This video focuses on cracking and resealing pressure of check valves.

intermix lines video

Prevent Accidental Intermixing of Multiple Lines

Keyed Quick Connects are a dependable way to connect multiple lines without accidental intermixing. 

quick connect video

Swagelok Quick Connects

Swagelok has a wide variety of quick connects, review this video for a quick overview of the various options available.

We Want to Hear from You!

We plan on providing further training resource pages similar to this one. Please take 3 minutes to complete this survey and tell us what you loved, what you wish there was more of, and any future topics you would like to see.