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Gas Distribution Resource

Welcome to the Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

gas distribution resource page

Gas Distribution Systems

Gas distribution systems must safely and effectively deliver gases from a high-pressure source to the end process at the pressure and flow rate required by each application. When system operation is not intuitive, when leaks are present, or when gas panels are difficult to service, problems can arise. We created this resource to help customers design or maintain effective gas distribution systems.

Where to Start

Our gas distribution webinar recording has been made available for training purposes. This 30-minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers basic and advanced topics related to gas distribution systems. We strongly suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick summary scroll down to the videos section to check out some tech tips.


Helpful Tips & Services

Improve Safety

Improve Gas Distribution Safety & Efficiency

Gas distribution systems are crucial for helping labs, test centers, and industrial facilities operate at peak efficiency. Learn more about optimizing gas delivery system health and safety, reducing costs, and equipping your team for success.

Case Study

Case Study: 200 Gas Lines. 1 Comprehensive Solution.

A leading chemical company was experiencing issues with a system designed to deliver dozens of specialty gases. Swagelok gas distribution advisors identified an opportunity to standardize gas panel design throughout the system, saving $52K on panel replacement and reducing maintenance time by 75%.

Q and A

Q&A: How to Optimize Your Gas Distribution System

Learn about common challenges that can hamper the safety and efficiency of important gas distribution systems and how a professional evaluation of those systems can provide long-term value.


Custom Fabrication & Assembly

Our local team of certified technicians can build standard solutions and create custom configurations to suit your gas distribution system. 

Swagelok Product Lines

Swagelok Offerings

A quick look at Swagelok's fluid system solutions and services. 

tech specialist

Technical Support

Let us know when you would like to meet with one of our gas distribution specialists. 

Training Videos

webinar recording


Recorded on February 18th, 2021, this webinar covers guidelines for distribution, strategies to improve pressure and flow, and special considerations for working with oxygen.

GDP Program

Swagelok Gas Distribution Program

Swagelok is uniquely positioned to provide gas distribution systems and pressure control advisory services that help you ensure your facilities and sites are operating safely and efficiently.

GDP Systems

Swagelok Gas Distribution Systems

Whether you need a standard solution or custom arrangement, Swagelok can design and assemble a gas delivery system that is right for you. Our modular panels feature minimal threaded connections to reduce potential leak points, and they are intuitively labeled to promote safe, simple use and maintenance. 

We Want to Hear from You!

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