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Grab Sample Systems

Welcome to the Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

grab sampling systems resource page

Grab Sample Training

A grab sample system allows for safe, reliable samples from your process. Sample systems reduce operator error while increasing accuracy, designing a system specific to your needs can save you time and money. That's why Swagelok Michigan | Toledo created this guide designed to supply you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision. Our grab sample systems are customized to your specific process, with design engineers assisting every step of the way. With all of these resources, you can create a system that fits your exact needs.

Where to Start

A recently recorded webinar has been made available covering best practices in grab sampling. This 30 minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers basic and advanced topics related to sampling systems. We suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick overview of Swagelok grab sampling systems scroll down to the Videos section to check out some tech tips. 

Request the Video

Helpful Tips & Services

Application Guide

Grab Sampling Application Guide

An application guide to designing your sampling system.

Grab Sample Tips

10 Tips to Improve Sampling Systems

10 quick tips to consider when evaluating your system. 


Sample Cylinder Catalog

This catalog provides an in depth look at the sample cylinders, accessories, and outage tubes offered by Swagelok.

product line

Swagelok Full Product Line

An overview of Swagelok's full product line and services.

Training Videos


Configurable, Local, Reliable

An overview of the design process with Swagelok.


Sample System Training

A message from Tony Waters about sampling system training and the importance of a well made grab sample panel. 

Standard Liquid Panel

Standard Liquid Panel

Demonstration of a standard liquid sampling panel. 

We Want to Hear From You!

We plan on providing further training resource pages similar to this one. Please take a minute to complete this survey and tell us what you loved, what you wish there was more of, and any future topics you would like to see.