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Leak Detection

Welcome to the Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

Leak Detection Webpage

Leak Detection

Fluid system leaks are a common occurrence in most operations. Because you're charged with maintaining safety and profitability, even the smallest leak can present an issue. That's why it's helpful to understand how and why leaks occur, how to locate and test for them, and ultimately how to develop a strategy to address and reduce leaks. To help your team better understand and mitigate leaks, Swagelok Michigan | Toledo has created this reference resource containing educational videos and documents. 

Where to Start

A recently recorded webinar has been made available for training purposes. This 30-minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers basic and advanced topics related to best practices in addressing leaks. We strongly suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick summary scroll down to the videos section to check out some tech tips.

Watch the Webinar

Helpful Tips & Services


Common Causes and Costs of Leaks

The smallest leak can present a serious issue when maintaining your plant’s safety and profitability. Understand how and why leaks occur, how to locate and test for them, and ultimately how to develop a strategy to address and reduce leaks plant-wide.


Avoid System Leaks: The Importance of Proper Tube Preparation

A successful tube fitting depends on many criteria, but one of the most important is proper tube preparation before installation. Learn to avoid costly or dangerous leaks by avoiding damaged, burred, or improperly cut tubes.


Gas Plant Saves 90% on Labor, Eliminates Leaks

Leveraging years of experience and specialized equipment, Swagelok Calgary helped a major natural gas processor expedite its leak detection process, achieving a 90% reduction in required labor, among other benefits.

field services

Leak Detection Services

Our field engineers are available to evaluate and perform leak detection services for your system.

Swagelok Product Lines

Swagelok Offerings

A quick look at Swagelok's fluid system solutions and services.

tech specialist

Technical Support

Please email us to request time with one of our specialists to discuss your application. 

Training Videos



Recorded January 2021, this 30-minute webinar covers hazards and costs of leaks, system maintenance steps, and leak detection strategies.


How to Prepare Tube Ends

Learn how to prepare tube ends, a necessary step for creating leak-tight tube fitting connections. 


Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services

Swagelok can help you identify compressed gas leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost, and productivity.

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