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Tube vs. Pipe

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Tube vs. Pipe

Taking the time to select the right material for your system will save you time, maintenance, and money. Many facilities depend on fluid delivery sent through piping systems. Unfortunately, cutting, welding, and threading hard pipe is not a quick process. It is slow and labor intensive. A better alternative may be stainless steel tubing. Stainless steel tubing, instead of hard pipe, can greatly simplify installation and plant maintenance. That's why Swagelok Michigan | Toledo created this guide designed to supply you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision. With all of these resources, you can create a system that fits your exact needs.

Where to Start

This 30 minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers the general differences between tube & pipe, benefits of each, and maintaining your system. We strongly suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick overview of using tubing and tube fittings, scroll down to the Training Videos section. 

watch the webinar

Helpful Tips & Services

small bore tubing

Small Bore Tubing Solutions

This document covers the advantages of tubing as well as installation instructions and additional fluid system components from Swagelok. 

tubing and supports

Stainless Steel Tubing and Tube Supports

Swagelok's catalog of stainless steel tubing and tube support systems. 

tubing tools

Tubing Tools and Accessories

Swagelok's catalog of tools and accessories for tubing systems.


Tube Fitter's Manual Flow and Pressure Charts

An excerpt from Swagelok's Tube Fitter's Manual containing flow and pressure charts to reference when laying out your system. 


Case Study: Saving Labor Costs with Tube Bending Solutions

With Swagelok's help testing ways to control labor costs, GAS experienced a 75% reduction in production time on one particularly challenging assembly – which translated into $224,000 in labor savings over the course of that year.

Tube Bending Essential Training

Tube Fitting and Bending Essentials Training

The Swagelok Tube Bending Essentials course offers foundational knowledge needed to introduce bent tubing to your system to eliminate connections and leak points found in traditional welded pipe systems.

Swagelok's Tube Fitting Advantage

Tube Fitting Advantage

The unfailing reliability of the Swagelok tube fitting is the result of our proven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials.

tech support

Technical Specialist Available

Please email us to request time with one of our technical specialists. 

Training Videos

proper tube preparation video

Proper Tube Preparation

Proper, consistent tube end preparation is one of the critical processes in creating a leak-tight tube fitting connection.

Using a hand tube bender video

Using a Hand Tube Bender

Swagelok hand tube benders provide consistent, high-quality bends in tubing made from most materials used with Swagelok tube fittings. Watch this video to learn how to use one.

fitting assembly video

How to Install a Swagelok Tube Fitting One Inch and Under

This video shows the three-step process for assembling tube fittings that are one inch and smaller.

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