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Fluid System Layout and Design

Welcome to the Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

Fluid System Layout and Design Webpage

Fluid System Layout and Design

Properly laying out your fluid system increases efficiency and safety. That's why Swagelok Michigan | Toledo created this guide designed to supply you with the knowledge you need to plan an effective solution for your operation. 

Where to Start

A recently recorded webinar has been made available for training purposes. This 30-minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers basic and advanced topics related to fluid system layout and design. We strongly suggest starting here then viewing the Helpful Tips & Services section for supporting documents. For a quick summary scroll down to the videos section to check out some tech tips.


Helpful Tips & Services


7 Tips for Building Safer Industrial Fluid Systems

When designing industrial fluid systems, plant safety must always remain top of mind. Learn how your team of engineers and technicians can reduce safety risks and maintain system uptime with essential fluid system building and design tips.


The Three T's to Achieve an Intricate System of Tubing

Learn how the three T's to using a hand tube bender can help you achieve an intricate system of tubing with fewer leak points and efficient flow.


When to Bend Tubing - And How to Do It Right

Discover the applications where bent tubing is advantageous over pipe and fitting connections, as well as what skills and equipment are required to bend tubing for your fluid systems.


Tubing and Tube Accessories

Dependable tubing and accessories for virtually any industry or application. View catalogs and specifications for tubing and accessories available through Swagelok. 

product lines

Swagelok Offerings

A quick look at Swagelok's fluid system solutions and services.

technical support

Technical Support

Please email us to request time with one of our specialists to discuss material selection for your application. 

Training Videos


Using a Hand Tube Bender

Learn how to use a hand tube bender to accurately and efficiently make 90° and 180° bends in tubing.


How to Prepare Tube Ends

Learn how to prepare tube ends, a necessary step for creating leak-tight tube fitting connections. 


How to Assemble Tube Fittings

It is imperative that tube fittings are installed correctly. Discover the three-step process for manually assembling tube fittings that are 1" and under.


Tube vs. Pipe Webinar

This webinar covers the advantages to using tubing or pipe in your system. 


Using a Bench Top Bender

In this step-by-step instructional video, learn how to the Swagelok bench top tube bender.

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