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Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

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Energy Management

Simply put...leaks cost money. Auditing your plant, training your employees and calculating the cost of energy leaks could save you thousands and increase efficiency.

Swagelok Energy Advisors

Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc., (SEA) is an engineering firm specializing in the evaluation of steam, condensate and compressed air systems. SEA provides engineering, evaluations, project management and training programs focused on strengthening in-plant fluid system assessments. Our goal is to deliver proactive solutions that increase the performance of your fluid systems.

Our proven project management and road map implementation services help clients attain their operational goals in the areas of efficiency, reliability and risk reduction. We can provide value in many ways including:

  • System Optimization
  • Reduced energy costs - savings of 10% or more
  • Less production downtime
  • Production improvements
  • Improved worker health and safety - code compliance, water hammer issues
  • Real cost savings - thousands of dollars saved even from correcting one 1/8- or 3/8-inch leak 
  • Reduced emissions on CO2, NOx, and SO2

Read our latest case study:     Leak-Detection Survey Leads to Significant Savings