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Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

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Inventory and Supply Chain Management

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Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Many of our customers have learned that one of our most important value-added services is our capability in the area of inventory management. Our sales team has years of experience in helping our customers to organize and control their inventory of Swagelok fluid system components, so that inventory will best serve each customer’s own unique requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We can help to organize your inventory, using our custom made labeling system, complete with Swagelok part numbers, descriptions and graphic illustrations. We can even include your own company part numbers or common code numbers if you would like. In addition, we can provide laminated customized wall charts for the Swagelok product groups you are using at your facility.

We can run customized part usage reports on our proprietary computer software, which can help in analyzing your inventory requirements. We can work with you to establish min/max levels for your inventory, and help to replenish inventory so that it is there when you need it. We have saved many of our customers thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs, by reducing their overall stocking levels. We can also provide you with a performance report, which details the timeliness of our shipments and other value-added services we can provide. 

Click here to read more about how this service can help your organization no matter the size.

Mobile Inventory

This service that we offer provides a convenient means for acquiring Swagelok products. The products on the truck are tailored to meet the needs of the customer serving as a faster way to get parts. With our mobile inventory, you can obtain the products you need in an easy and handy manner.

In addition, we can offer your associates many different types of training seminars to increase their skill and safety levels. These seminars can help in reducing the numbers of parts that are used in an application, as well as simplifying the installation and making it more cost effective. 

Hose Cell

We can also immediately manufacture custom hose assemblies in-house which are hydrostati­cally pressured tested and tagged.