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Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

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A Material Difference


The Swagelok Tube Fitting is made of high quality raw materials for superior performance.

1. Swagelok's Stainless Steel – ASTM requires 16-18% chromium and 10-14% nickel. Swagelok has maintained chromium content in its fittings at a minimum of 17% and nickel at a minimum of 12% for many years.

2. Quality Barstock – We place multiple controls on procurement of 316 stainless steel from our approved mills, from its elevated alloy chemistry to the inspection steps used to validate it to ensure uniform manufacturability when making our tube fittings.

3. Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CSCC) in 316 Stainless Steel – CSCC occurs where chloride concentrations and stress levels are present. We have performed extensive CSCC testing on Swagelok fittings with exceptional results: Alloy 316 stainless steel nuts tested (Swagelok and eight other brands): None of the Swagelok nuts cracked or leaked. 39% of the other nuts cracked (at least one from each brand) and 2.7% leaked

4. Alloys and Corrosion - Swagelok offers a wide range of alloys and works closely with customers to solve their needs for fittings with enhanced chemical and corrosion resistance.

5. Engineered Combinations - Swagelok can engineer a cost-efficient and corrosion-resistant solution for installations exposed to seawater.

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