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Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Introducing Swagelok Reference Point

Your go-to resource for industry insights, helpful tips, and relevant solutions to your toughest challenges.


Designed for Reliability and Low Maintenance

Learn more about the 60 series ball valve

Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valve

Pressure is keeping your plant running safely.

A safe work environment begins with training. We can help.


Creators Of Your Custom Solutions

Learn how we can design unique solutions to address your unique concerns

Custom Solutions

Pressure is maintaining system health.

Diagnose and resolve inaccuracies in your fluid systems.


The Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

A result of our proven design, manufacturing excellence, and superior raw materials.

The Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

Pressure is running your plant short-handed.

Expected to do more with less? We can help.


Swagelok Tube Bending Essentials Training Course

Offers foundational knowledge needed to introduce bent tubing to your system to eliminate connections and leak points found in traditional welded pipe systems

Swagelok Tube Bending Essentials

Pressure is replacing half your brainpower.

We can help you bring your new employees up to speed—fast.


Swagelok Resources

Swagelok CAD and Sales Drawings

Swagelok Product CAD and Sales Drawings

Choose from more than 1 million Swagelok CAD templates and sales drawings in multi-lingual formats.

CV Calculator

Calculate you flow coefficients with our useful CV Calculator

Swagelok eDTR

eDTR Electronic Catalog

The Swagelok eDTR (Electronic Desk Technical Reference) is a power tool that can help you identify, access, and research Swagelok products and components.

Swagelok How To Videos

Using a Hand Tube Bender

Learn how to properly use a Swagelok Hand Tube Bender from Swagelok experts

Identifying Thread Pitch & Size

Identifying Thread Pitch and Size

Learn to identify thread pitch and size using calipers, a pitch gauge, and thread identification guide.

Total Construction Support

Construction Project Support

Swagelok Michigan | Toledo provides comprehensive coverage during new and existing construction projects.