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Swagelok Michigan | Toledo

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Engineered to Perform Under Pressure Webinar Series from Swagelok Michigan Toledo

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Our ENGINEERED TO PERFORM Webinar Series provides you with industry-leading experts to help you solve your day-to-day challenges. We strive to be a partner that walks along your journey with you. We truly understand the fluid system engineering field so we understand your challenges. We want to not only partner with you but see that you succeed. 


As temperatures plummet, your critical instruments and lines become threatened or compromised.  Failure to winterize means costly repairs, downtime, lost revenues, or harm to employees. This 30 minute video is hosted by an industry expert and covers planning for winter, steam tracing applications, and products to make preparation easier.

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Material Selection

This webinar focuses on choosing the proper materials to keep your system leak-tight and operating efficiently. Covering different types of corrosion, hose core materials, elastomers, and more. 


Hose Selection

A discussion covering hose selection methods and diagnosing issues in the field.

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Tube vs. Pipe

This webinar focuses on general differences of tube & pipe, key fluid system components, and special considerations.

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Considerations for Valve and Regulator Selection

A discussion covering flow considerations to make when selecting valves and regulators for your system.

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Best Practices in Grab Sampling

This grab sampling discussion covers the What, When, and Why of grab sampling systems, safe and representative samples, and system design. 

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Elastomer Seal Webinar: A discussion on compatibility and safe selection

Swagelok Michigan | Toledo invites you to join us for a special FREE webinar on Elastomer Seals. This webinar is designed for anyone tasked with safely specifying or selecting the correct products and seals for their applications or are actively involved with seeking alternative materials to enhance product and systems. It is also well suited for anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of seal fundamentals.


Regulator Behavior: Troubleshooting, Selection, and Use with Jon Kestner

This regulator discussion will center on common regulator behaviors while installed within typical applications. We will cover topics like creep, supplied pressure effect and Joule-Thomson in detail. Following the session, attendees should be able to recognize and troubleshoot these behaviors in the field as well as identify regulator selections that can minimize these effects.

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Pressure Regulator Performance: A discussion of Lock-up, Droop and Choked Flow with Jon Kestner

Understanding pressure regulator performance is critical to successfully designing, installing and operating an effective fluid system. This session will focus on the core aspects of pressure regulator performance: lock-up, droop and choked flow. In discussing these topics, we will also cover the operating theory of regulators in order to better understand what drives these key performance characteristics.

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Hose Advisory Webinar: Extend the Life of Your Critical Operations

Failed hose assemblies require time and resources that you just don’t have. We also know that hoses are often the most overlooked element—and among the most critical—of manufacturing operations 

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